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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

FAARegulatory compliance is the most important area of focus in any aviation organization and forms the basis for conformity with continued best industry practices while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards. The only proven method to ensure an organization is compliant with aviation authority regulations is to conduct internal and external quality audits on a scheduled basis. This can either be achieved in house with qualified auditors or subcontracted to outside providers with the qualifications and experience to diligently perform this essential process.

Tech One can perform quality audits and inspections of airlines or maintenance organizations procedures manuals and technical records to confirm conformity with required regulations.

FAA approval certificate

Certification and Approval Applications

FAR Part 145 Repair Station Certificate Applications
Tech One can provide assistance with the FAR Part 145 Repair Station application process and preparation of the required set of manuals needed as part of the formal application process.

EASA 145 Approval Applications
For organizations seeking EASA 145 approval, Tech One can assist in the application process and the development of a Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE) Part 145 and Part M.

EASA 145 approval certificate

For existing FAA 145 Repair Stations seeking an EASA Supplement Approval in the USA, Tech One can provide assistance with the application process and the composition of the required Maintenance Annex Guidance (MAG) Supplement to the Repair Station Manual.

Approved Maintenance Organization Applications

For airlines and maintenance organizations seeking an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) approval, Tech One can provide assistance in the application process with the relevant National Aviation Authority (NAA) and prepare the appropriate manuals required by the individual aviation authority.

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